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    when an artist wants to show you their art

    or a writer wants you to read what they’ve written

    it’s quite often an expression of trust

    because a poem or a story or a painting are often things that come from the heart

    little pieces of the artists themselves

    and if they’re willing to share it with you

    you should appreciate it

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    turning down your music is a sign of weakness

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    Nicki Minaj - Lookin A** Nigga Controversy

    Let me first start by saying that, even as a female, l am completely neutral to this song. Nor am I’m a fan of Nicki Minaj. Haven’t really cared for her much since “Beam Me Up Scotty”. However, the fact that so much offense has been taken from this song by such a large portion of the male population is utterly confusing lol…..why ? Because song after song, album after album, tweet after tweet, comment after comment, IG post after IG post, day after day….men degrade women ! To levels and extents that women could never reach ! Seems to me none of you should care ? Considering you can pull up almost any song and hear about women being nothing but p—-y, the swoop, hoes & tricks, from us sharing clothes to being non-independent, broke, from getting kids dumped in our mouths to y’all screwing our friends, mothers and everybody else etc etc in music alone. Women can take constant male bashing, Yet one woman drops one song and the male population is in a complete uproar ? lol. Let me find out y’all can’t even take one song without immediately knocking down studio doors and paying studio time to make a reply to this infamous song lol. I’m tickled pink !! 😩😂 M.O.B remember ? lol song shouldn’t phase you one bit. If women can deal with this on a regular, men should have no problem accepting one male bash song. In fact REAL niggaz ain’t tripping on it at all. Just the weaker links. lol. Yes it’s bummy women out here, but it’s bummy men out here too. Yes music like this stems separation between the male and female, but that didn’t start with this song. It started in physical slavery, now modern day it’s mental slavery over physical, I’m aware. It still shouldn’t take Nicki bashing bummy men to raise the awareness of separation amongst black men and women though. lol. Nice try fellas, but when the hype is over, men will still be bashing women…..consistently, so suck it up and swallow it lol. Now that we are past that, though….let’s elaborate on just how hard in the paint Nick went on this 2 minute and 49 second song lol….she may have won me back just cuz niggaz is mad lol. LOOK AT YALL NIGGAZ ! 🏃👀💃😩.

    “bunch of non-mogul a** niggaz, frontin like they GOT A PLAN, Boost Mobile a** nigga !”

    “I ain’t gotta check for y’all, but if ima check for y’all, ima need a check from y’all niggaz !”

    “Ain’t feelin these niggaz ! niggaz want my time ? call me Clinton, I’m Bill’n these niggaz.”

    “Look at y’all sharing one bottle in the club, one bottle full of bubb a** niggaz.”

    “Look at y’all none having game a** niggaz! Y’all niggaz share a chain a** nigga.”

    “Same cup in the hand a** nigga, in the club witta credit card scam a** nigga.”

    “Look at you fake dope dealers, know real niggaz that be movin weight in them Villas. talkin bout keys, say its keys in the van, but he really move grams and HE SPLIT IT WITH HIS MANS.”

    Honestly still trying to figure out why y’all mad ?
    "All I know is there should be NO REASON !" 😂


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    "Always be kinder than you feel."

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